Spazio libero | Castiglion Ubertini | Pratomagno

Spazio libero is part of a series of sculptures on the theme of Tuscan landscape, where the artist come from.
Following precise perspective geometries, two photographs of the same elm tree in different seasons, are placed on tempered crystal screens used to protect smartphones and tablets.
These images of a common landscapes dialogue with some enigmatic objects that gravitate inside the sculpture space, modelled on organic elements. These shells, whose primary colors refer to Mondrian’s works, are like still life representation, suspended above carved wooden boards that remind us of the flooring of a real space for art. This light and little universe is guarded and protected by a glass case that is freestanding, and becomes at the same time a container and sculptural structure.



Spazio libero, 2018, glass, brass, inlaid wood, resin, tempered glass, UV printing, h45x26x26cm.






204)Castiglion Ubertini

Castiglion Ubertini, 2018, glass, brass, inlaid wood, UV printing, h25x20x20cm.

207)Castiglion Ubertini


206)Castiglion Ubertini


205)Castiglion Ubertini



Pratomagno, 2018, glass, brass, olive wood inlaid, resin, tempered glass, UV printing, h45x26x26cm. (Winner Carapelli For Art 2018)