Back Home

Starting and returning point. Unique and lonely place. Laboratory of creation. Archive of memories. Protected area. Territory of the most intimate obsessions and delusions confessed.
“Back Home” is an exhibition which was born through the multiple meanings of a living space and the work of the artist. David Casini has used an abstract language to materialize the household goods, souvenirs and items of common use that have been manipulated and combined as raw materials.
The objects of the artist, bought and accumulated over the years are here perceived as pure and essential shapes. Carried meticulously from one apartment to another, got into spazio Morris where the artist had been living for two months to prepare his solo show. Even some previous works of art become elements untouched, reworked in complete freedom, in a fun and highly personal dialogue with spazio Morris environments.
As often happens when the logical and chronological sequence of an idea is interrupted, you wait for receiving by formal features the magic details that dissolves the enigma.
Maybe in the crease between the geometric and material sign. In the fragility of the heavy mass, or where the exceptionality alternates itself with the sculptures’dimension. And when it happens that just one details switches on a family’s memory and suggests a connection like déjà vu, then, maybe, you have the key to a secret path. And you go back home.

Spazio Morris, 2012, Milano.


Back Home, 2012, Spazio Morris, Milan.


Déjà vu II, 2012, vintage mirror, digital print, brass, candied fruit, h240x100x67cm.


Déjà vu III, 2012, vintage mirror, synthetic paint, brass, sea sponge, coral, h195x101x50cm.


Sonia, 2012, photoprint, wooden frame, h53x43x3cm.


Licio, 2012, photoprint, wooden frame, h53x43x3cm.




Tana!, resin, mineral stone, h10x8x4cm.


Come quando fuori piove, 2012, mineral stone, transformer, electrical pump, nebulizer, glass, iron, resin, silicone, wood, water, h194x85x72cm.






Tu non mi conosci, 2012, taxidermy boars head, resin, quartz crystal, h36x53x43cm.




Guabarbuda, 2012, stamps, wooden frame, h53x43x3cm.